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Zynga poker very cheap chip sales

new prices cheap chip
Zynga poker very cheap chip sales
Galaxin is the fastest selling zynga poker chip,
10th year in the full sale of cheap chips.
fast and reliable chip sales site,
We sell zynga poker chip,
To buy the cheapest chip, you are in the right adress.
To buy a chip,
you can chat with us from the chat panel,
you can contact us at our phone number,
We work with all banks in Turkey,
we are working with western union for selling chips from abroad,
zynga poker chip is very easy to buy,
After I paid my account,
you send us your e-mail and your password,
you do not login zynga until the transfer is complete,
we inform you when the transfer is complete,
Immediately after transfer, you change your facebook password,
and select the option to Log out of all sessions,

100B Zynga poker Chip 18.15$
200B Zynga poker Chip 33.30$
250B Zynga poker Chip 36.00$
300B Zynga poker Chip 40.00$
400B Zynga poker Chip 42.50$
500B Zynga poker Chip 45.25$
600B Zynga poker Chip 53.25$
700B Zynga poker Chip 61.50$
750B Zynga poker Chip 65.25$
800B Zynga poker Chip 69.50$
900B Zynga poker Chip 78.00$
…….1T Zynga poker Chip 84.25$

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